Fire Gatherings

Sponsored by the Sacred Fire community, these monthly fires, hosted by Firekeepers Annie King and Faye Townsend, offer another form of support and healing as people gather together in a special space around the fire to share their lives and benefit from the effects.

As humans, we have gathered by fire for millennia. It provides light and warmth, cooks our food, was traditionally a meeting place and inspiration for us to connect and tell our stories. Beyond this, fire is a spiritual presence within us and our heart. Many feel a longing to gather in this way again, with friends old and new, and experience its transformative energy. We invite you to join us at our Florence Community Fires, and discover why it is we yearn to join each other in this way around the fire. Every fire is different. Some are small and intimate, others larger and more boisterous. There’s sometimes drumming and singing, sometimes jokes, and always the opportunity, in a safe place, to share and speak about what’s most important in our lives. All are welcome.

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