Offering pathways to support healing and the process of inner transformation.

Healing Work

To remember who we are at the deepest level, and support the body’s natural healing energies, have been motivating forces in my life. I offer private healing sessions that help to clear old patterns and support body, mind and spirit to heal. These practices include my work as a Tepahtiani or traditional shamanic healer in the Nahua tradition of Mexico, Plant Spirit Medicine, and mindfulness, meditation and stress management approaches, ceremonies and events to support us living life well.

I offer a variety of healing and transformational services

Annie is an initiated Granicera and Tepahtiani healer in the Nahua tradition

Nahua Healing

This ancient healing system offers the traditional spiritual shamanic healing practices of the Nahua people of the central highlands of Mexico.

Hands of a spiritual woman holding burning tobacco and incense
House Cleaning

Just as our body, mind and spirit periodically needs healing tune-ups, so do our living spaces!

Shadow Lifting

An integral part of living well, is tending to the body and spirit at the time of death.

Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine is a gentle energetic healing system that nurtures spirit, reduces stress, and promotes healing.


The Mindfulness Retreats offer a time to recognize and quiet the chatter of the mind and open to the gift of the present moment.

Fire Gatherings

Sponsored by the Sacred Fire community, monthly fires offer support and healing as people gather in a special space around the fire to share their lives and benefit from the effects.

Summer and Winter Solstice Fires

Each year the energy shifts from the longest night at the winter solstice, a time for going deep within, to the longest day during the summer solstice when life is coming to fullness, activity and fruition.

Harvest Festivals

Offering annual Nahua ceremonies to celebrate the harvest and the rain. Giving thanks enriches our lives and helps ensure good rains in the future.

Marriage Ceremony

I work with all loving couples in a variety of environments to honor this special occasion.

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony is a celebration to welcome a child into its community and seek blessings and support for its life.