Nahua Healing

This ancient healing system offers the traditional spiritual shamanic healing practices of the Nahua people of the central highlands of Mexico. It has supported the wellbeing of people and communities for thousands of years. It provides highly effective energetic purification and restorative processes that address what is needed to rebalance body, mind and spirit.

I came to this path through my work as an initiated Nahua Weather Worker, whose role involves making relationship with the living expressions of what we refer to as ‘weather’, and through this relationship to work for beneficial rains for our area. An extension of this work is this age-old, extraordinary healing system. After many years of apprenticeship in the healing path, and making relationship with sacred sites and the elements of nature that make this work possible, I was initiated as a Tepahtiani or traditional healer.

I’m honored to offer this medicine to support you in your healing journey. Sessions generally take an hour, and cost $95.